Sunday, 1 November 2009

October Round Up

The October List Round Up

Send a letter to the editor – Done, I’ve written about an article published in this issue about donating wedding dresses to Uganda.

Log on to - Done

Catch up with the Marie Claire Blogs – I’m lost

Enter the “Win The Ultimate VIP Party” competition
I’ve done this – maybe this will be my lucky month? I get finger ache typing my details into all these bloody competition forms. Surely I’m due for a win soon!

Watch this face: Carey Mulligan.
Apparently she is in a Brit film called The Education this autumn. If you want to come watch it with me drop me a line. It’s just coming out now.

Fashion: I managed to recreate the following.

Fabulous Fuchsia: I tool my pink tights for a spin (see post)

Buckle Up: “Striking and detailed, a fabulous belt will keep you elegantly wasted.”
See post re the ASOS belt.

Absolute ASOS: Justify your ASOS Love
See above!

What to wear for the weekend: I manage to but 2 lovely tops from Gap, but failed to find a small dog to cart around to complete the look.

The chunky knit: I’ve not managed to write a separate post for this yet, but I layered chunky knit tights, socks, a floaty dress, long scarf and hat. It looks wicked, I’m loving the chunky knit look, all I need is some autumn leaves and a golden retriever.

Sweeping Statements: See post about my Marika King statement necklace. It needs a few beads putting back on, so I will repost when it’s fixed.

Glam Grunge: I just bought a black dress with zip details from FCUK as the basis for some “Glam Grunge”. I also used the discount code in Marie C for 20% of at FCUK. The only problem is, it’s not forgiving around the old tummy, so I can only wear it if I don’t eat.

Easy Street, embrace this season’s laid back elegance in relaxed modern tailoring: I’m still rocking my Crombie Jacket.

Lost Weekend: Fall in love with autumns romantic chiffon and chunky knits. I’d love to, but I can’t find a chiffon dress for love nor money at the moment!

The Extra Factor: This fits in with the statement necklace again.

So that’s 10 this month – not bad!


Dark dramatic eyes: I managed all of these looks apart from the powerbrows. I don’t know if its because I already have dark eyebrows, but the eyebrow makeup I have defines them, but doesn’t make me look like Ming the Merciless

My Space – Book your bathroom for a 5* pampering session.
See post re Le Spa Mrs T

Bobbi Brown are doing free make up lessons in John Lewis and Selfridges: See post.

Book a Giorgio Armarni make-up class in Selfridges. On the index page it says this is free – but when you get to the article you realise it’s actually £30 redeemable against products… sneaky! - I called to book and they had sold out.

How to look expensive – sexy shimmer. I asked the Makeup lady at Bobbi brown to recreate this. But I forgot the page so her interpretation of the brief was a little different. Still though, I found a fab red lipstick that I’m wearing all the time now.

Post a question to the Beauty editors at – I posted more of a plea rather than a question about my perm. They ignored me. I probably deserve it!

Recreate Kim Basinger’s hair in LA confidential. I tried and failed miserably. My hair wasn’t budging. It was depressing. This has nothing to do with the perm, it was this stubborn when it was straight – resulting in me torturing it with a perm to teach it a lesson.

Use cushions to bring different looks into a room. (mix and match) – Done, see post.

The best way to bring light into a room is to paint floorboards off white. I’m planning to do this with my stairs, but once you gloss floorboards there is no going back, so I’m leaving the main rooms to look natural.

Scented Candles are very personal and add atmosphere: And also singe your stupid cat. Open flames are not a great idea when you have a deranged cat that would try to eat the candle.

Chandeliers spread light into a room, customise them with coloured glass paint: See post for my practice attempt.

Cook Jayne Middlemiss’ 3 course meal: Done – Never again apart from the starter.

Cook the 2 butternut squash recipes on the Fairy dishwasher tablets advertorial: As I write this, husband is cooking the recipe. I couldn’t go back into the kitchen after doing the 3 courses last night, so he’s agreed to help me cheat!

5 things I must not miss
Mercury Prize - too late – I missed it, but I’m very annoyed the wonderful Florence and the Machine didn’t win!

High Street Fashion week – I missed this too. This is the problem having mags cover dated the month after they are published.

Harvest at Jimmy’s
I actually got tickets to this! But it’s a 6 hour drive so gave them away because logistically we couldn’t manage it that weekend.

Jane Austin Festival – missed this too – um not doing too well so far!

Breast Cancer Awareness month – Phew this is firmly in October between the 1st and 31st. Wear it pink on the 30th of October… I turned up to work with my hooker lipstick.

Media – When it comes to what to watch and listen to, I’m only going to concentrated on the featured items. Otherwise I would be permanently in front of the TV.

Featured Film on the Month: The Soloist: I’m watching this tonight.

Album on the month: Pixie Lott, Turn it up: It’s OK, nothing special.

TV Program of the Month: Small Island BBC 1: It’s not been on yet.

Local auctions can be a treasure trove for furniture. I’m going to some in the next few weeks, so I’ll keep you posted on any finds.

Read Year of the Flood or Juliet Naked – I’m still reading Dorian Grey from August so I need to get a move on!

There is an article in Octobers issue about a shop that provides wedding dresses to refugee women in Uganda. This is the first article I’ve read in the magazine that has solidified a massive lump in my throat and inspired me to do something truly worth while. See the post where I donated my wedding dress. The most significant thing to come out of this project so far.

What you can do to boost your fertility:
See post, but at the time of writing I’m not on the bake.

Visit and make a donation. This is a charity that provides wigs to those who have suffered medical hair-loss. Still need to do this.

Follow the rules of making friends
See post, I managed to make a tit of myself rather than make friends.

5 ways to enrich your love life
I managed all of this, other than doing it with my socks on. It just feels so wrong!

Dove Advertorial: 4 weeks to Party Perfect Arms
I’ve followed this to the word, my arms are not party perfect but at least I’m doing some exercise. I’ll carry on doing this, because if I don’t Systems will have something to say about it.

The Stargazer suggests you demand lots of space this month. Claustrophobic feelings are looming. Rather than pulling the pin on a promising twosome, make your misgivings known a colleague or lover may need time out too.

I know it’s the way they are written, but this seemed very relevant in October.