Sunday, 22 November 2009

20 Clever Money Tips

I consider myself fairly good with money, I try to live within my means, earn bonus points where I can and pay off my debts every month. I’m still too much in debt to warrant saving, but the point is we are moving in the right direction.

So when I saw the article on 20 clever money tips, I assumed I would already be doing the majority of what the article advises. But there are still a few more things that I can do to clamber out of the debt I ran up as a stupid drunken student.

1. Keep updated.
I already receive weekly email, if you don’t get it – SIGN UP! It’s brilliant. But I don’t get and So I have signed up to these now.

2. Build a cash back stash
OK, I’ve now got search engines coming out of my ears. A few months back I was to sign up to a search engine that paid money to charities. Now I’m to sign up to a couple of search engines that pay cash back. Can’t google buy and, along with all the other clever search engines and have just one great big wondrous mega searcg engine that does everything for you? I’ll end up using search engines to find other search engines at this rate!

Saying that, both sites look amazing! I’ve set up an account so will see how much money I ear with my online purchases over the next 6 months.

3. Dine with a discount.
Ah! Something I already do. I’m always swayed by the 241 offers at the local restaurants when it comes to choosing where to go.

4. Dress for Less
This advises you on online outlets where you can buy designer where that is still out of my price range. Thumbs down.

5. Get Savings Savvy
Not yet Marie Claire! Indirectly quoting Martin Lewis – the oracle that runs Until your debts are paid off – there is no point saving. I still have £4k to go.

6. Find a clever card
Already done. I have the Amex suggested in the article.

7. Become a book trader.
Woohoo! I can swap a book and get back the one I lost hopefully on

8. Fill a Virtual Basket
I did this today on See last post.

9. Know your worth.
This is a great Idea to work out your hourly rate, then work out how many hours of work it will take to buy something. It kind of puts you off buying anything, I need to work for 7 solid hours just to pat for all the alcohol I drank yesterday.. OOPS!

10. Sweep up any excess.
This relates to saving again – sweeping any money left in your account at the end of the month into a savings account. This NEVER applies to us!

11. Cut your chat.
Rather than calling expensive 0870 numbers, I can visit and find cheaper alternatives. I like this, sticking it to the man!

12. Bling up on the (Relatively) cheap.
Advising readers to visit auctions to buy their bling rather than shops. I may not be in the market for diamonds. But I am interested in selling some things at auction. So I’ll visit and see if I can find somewhere local.

13. Stop the holiday hurting
This relates to a prepaid Mastercard called a Caxton card. You load it up with your spends before you go, and there is no charge for withdrawals. I think I will be getting one of these for our holiday to Egypt!.

14. Don’t be a credit tart.
OK – I won’t!

15. Think long term.
I’ve been thinking long term since I was 23, hence why husband and I are just about doing OK.

16. Swipe your coffee.
Meaning get a Starbucks swipecard… or don’t pay a 5 billion% mark up on a coffee, and make your own maybe Maire Claire?!

17. Share you wheels.
This relates to ditching your car and joining Not applicable if you have a company car.

18. Make your insurance work out for you.
Again, this doesn’t apply as I get health insurance through work.

19. Go for a car boutique sale.
Something told me these may be few and far between in the middle of December. But I’ve checked out and there are quite a few all year round in the local area. As an avid user of Freecycle, I tend to give stuff away so I can receive. It will take me a while to gather enough stuff together to have a decent table at a car boot.

20. Fly Right
Use Skyscanner when booking flights – I do this, I’m a big fan of skyscanner!