Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cape and Chain Bag

Originally uploaded by mariecandme

The November list gave me another reason to get out my bargain cape that I picked up 2 years ago for about £25 in a French Connection sale.

I really like it, but as I found out today it has its limitations. For example, putting on a seatbelt turns into a task with limited arm movement. I also picked up a really cool soft fabric bag, with a big bling chain attached as advised by the November list. Accessing the bag turned into a pain, when in order to do so you have to poke your hands through 2 tiny slits and you look like you are doing some obscure game on the Cristal Maize.

Other than that, and the fact I looked slightly like a French policeman, I really like my cape. And as Husband and I found out at the market, so did our fantastically pervy Butcher – flattery got him everywhere as we walked away with a pack of sausages and 2 sausage butties.