Sunday, 22 November 2009

Animal Print and frugal shopping

I’ve just spent the last few hours wanting to smash my laptop against the coffee table. I took the advice of Marie Claire and one of the 20 tips to save money, by doing my shopping on It is a great site, and I’ve used it before. Today I saved £10 against Asda and over £30 against Waitrose, I earned Ipoints, Tesco clubcard points and swapped and saved foods to save not only money but calories. BUT, I’ve sat on my fat backside for 3 hours doing this because my little laptop with its goldfish memory kept freezing.

Anyhow, I bought all the ingredients for November’s 3 course meal which I plan to cook on Saturday. If anyone is free and would like to come round to eat it with us – email me.

I’m not massively up for leaving the house today anyway. Mini Wix came to stay with us for the weekend, so we decided to show her the Christmas markets. Animal print is big business in November, and I was a little hung over from Friday night – so I decided rather than spend ages trying to make my hair look acceptable, I would pin it up and tie a leopard print scarf round my head. I love wearing a head scarf in this way with a big bow, it reminds me of hip hop videos from the 80’s.

We started with a drink in a bar called the North Pole, then wandered to Kendals to swap some belts and bags. After buying, trying and returning 5 belts and 2 handbags, I’ve finally found some accessories that make my tartan jumpsuit look OK. From there we made our way into the thick of the Christmas market for food, but in true Manchester style, it was shitting it down – so we then wend back to the North Pole

Where we stayed.

For 6 hours.


We drank ourselves sober, then got drunk all over again.

When I entered all the drinks into my food diary this morning, I realised that I had drunk over 1000 calories in warm toffee apple cocktails. Shit the bed! Time for some “Retrosize” next week. I think I’m going to try and find old Youtube videos of Lizzie from GMTV circa 1985, doing scissor kicks with a troupe of old ladies in spandex tights and a mohair jumper.