Sunday, 1 November 2009

The November List

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Enter Win an Italian Island getaway Competition – Done

Enter Win a Luxury Spa Break Competition Enter Remington Spa break competition - Done

Test Drive your next haircut. Log onto

Vote online for my favourite Timeless fashion piece - I voted for Touche Éclat, as I get palpitations when mine runs out.

Do some Retrocise! Any excuse for some 80’s style aerobics.

Fashion – As many as will fit into my budget.

Check out the new statement necklace collection at Oasis, Aldo’s Swarovski collaboration and Banana Republic.

Jumpsuits – yes – you bloody read that right,. All in one, looks like a baby grow, JUMPSUITS. I’ll need some advice from my friend H who knows how to rock a jump suit.

Animal Passions – From leopard to python, wild ones will love the prints that roared down the run way. YES – my leopard print headscarf lives to see another month!

Caped Crusader – The ultra-chic, classic cover up rocked the catwalks.
Yes, Yes, Yes! I bought a black cape 2 years ago in a sale, got it home and thought “What the fuck am I going to do with this?!”

The Chain Gang - Break out of bag rut with the new must have style: a tough-luxe chunky chain strap.

The 9-5: Shake up your work wardrobe with fashion forward looks that scream promotion.
I’m glad to have a job at the moment, and there is nowhere for me to be promoted to – so this is low on my fashion priorities

Daytime Sequins: Why save the shimmer for after dark? Team matte, muted sequins with casual basics for chic everyday dressing.
I like the idea of this, “muted sequins” it sounds like an artistic metaphor for Manchester.

New Heights: The alternatives to Sky-high wedges and vertiginous platforms?
Not for me, with one size 6 and one size 7 foot – I need to be strapped in.

One Shoulder wonders: A little bit demure – these dresses are sure to make an impact.
I have my hot pink one from French connection that I was advised to buy in September,. Woohoo – this is getting like fashion bingo!

Retro Glamour: Embrace the Lady within you, with a modern take on classic feminine tailoring. This time the look has a French feel, so wear heels and certain je ne sais quoi.

Trend Watch – Accessorise your favourite catwalk look with a watch that fits your fashion mood. Tone at work bought loads of bright watches from Argos the other week, maybe he will lend me one?

Country Living: make like a modern day lady of the manor with immaculate tweed, luxe knits and a little bit of frippery.

Shape Shifters: From sculptural skirts to futuristic sleeves, this season’s power dressing is all about playing with proportion.

Read breaking fashion news at

Sex – Try out on of the top ten selling sex toys on the market.
I’m loving my friend’s new job in a sex shop – I may actually go into said sex shop this time!
How to say and do the right thing (in the context of telling him personal things)
1. Remember to answer Yes to “Am I the biggest you have ever had”
2. Create a shared sexual history together
3. Don’t judge his past
4. If I’m just interested in casual sex, avoid cuddling as it stimulates the cuddle hormone Oxytocin which can lead to inappropriate bonding.
5. Don’t scream out the wrong name in sex. I’m more likely to scream “Have we left the oven on?” or similar.

How to be a bloganista: Want to be an online sensation like Lauren Luke? Marie Claire will tell you how.
Find a niche – Done!
Create your blog using the site – DONE!
Be on the lookout for business / marketing opportunities… maybe this is the month I should contact Marie Claire and monetise the blog.
Be Strategic. Check for most- searched –terms and find out how people are arriving at the site.

November is a bloody good month so far!

How to avoid Failed Potential Syndrome (when you think you missed the boat when all your mates are flying high)

Celebrate your achievements – Maybe I can have a little party?!
Don’t dwell on what you haven’t done.
Change your perspective.
Set Clear Goals
Know when you are procrastinating
Remember you can have your own version on “having it all”
Avoid stalking on social networking sites? WHAT? What will I do all day?!
Concentrate on yourself
Spend time with people that make you feel good.

The New Addictions
Email – Apparently some people can’t log off – this definitely applies to me. I’m connected 24 hours!
Set Boundaries - switch off my blackberry for 10 mins every night, then progress to an hour, until I’m comfortable switching it off when I get in.

Find a chartered psychologist specialising in technology addiction – well I wouldn’t go that far!

How to learn from your dreams
Write down the details, concentrating on the dream’s main symbols.
Write down the adjectives that come to mind when you think of each symbol.
Write down the emotions you feel when you think of each symbol
Bring the elements together.
Noting like a bit of pop psychology!

Follow the 20 clever money tips: You can carry on spending and still save with these tried and tested ways to make the most of your cash.

Check out the restaurant deals at (Again, link isn’t working)

Mark 14th November in my diary as the Jimmy Choo and H&M collaboration launches.

Get a 7 day trial of Complexion a la carte from Lancôme

The Light Fantastic: Discover state – of – the art technology that helps you achieve long- lasting, silky smooth legs.

Follow all of the hair suggestions including some sort of nest crossed with pony tail and Kate Bosworth waves

Hi Tech Heroes - The only thing I can afford from this article is an anti aging pen for £6.99 so I’ll buy that.

Boost your brain power – Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Luxe edition
Wow at Work - Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile
Make a statement – Jo Malone pomegranate Noir fragrance Chronicle
Be super confident – Neals Yard Rose absolute essential Oil.
Feel cool calm and collected – Jil Sander – Jil

Take a trip down memory lane with Marie Claire’s classic fragrances - This link doesn’t work!

Four Week Power Lashes – Get eyelash extensions.

How to look expensive: Sultry eyes.

Watch This Face – Anna Paquin – In TURE BLOOD – Awesome, sex and vampires, I am addicted!

Join the big debate on Kerry Katona and her latest drug scandal - Done, I’ll post when published.

Diet / Health
Follow the Imigran recovery diet tips of never skipping meals.
Keep a food diary

Cook the 2 meals on the fairly advertorial.

Cook Anjum Anand’s 3 course meal

Calculate your Heart Age (Flora Advertorial)

Album of the Month: Alexandra Burk
Film of the month : The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – Yay! This looks Ace!
TV of the month Margot, BBC4, but under “Don’t Miss” The Family is also listed.
Book of the month: This is a bit of a lost cause with me at the moment, I need to finish The Picture of Dorian Grey, though I did go and see the film, so maybe I can move on? The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern looks quite good.

Five things not to miss
1. London Film Festi 14th – 29th Oct : I was aware of it, but couldn’t make it down.

2. Fight Hunger Eat out Month 1st – 31st Oct: I did this, having 2 meals in Carluccio’s where a proportion of my bill went to the cause.

3. Pop life: Art in a material world. At the Tate modern. 1st Oct to 17th Jan.

4. The Rise and Fall of Little Voice from 8th October at the London Vaudeville theatre. Lady, do you fancy another trip to the theatre?

5. Sheffield Comedy Festival 1st -31st of Oct: I didn’t make this unfortunately/

Celebrate Chocolate week 12th – 18th of October: I did, with numerous visits to Hotel Chocolate, bordering on stalking.

5 Affordable get-aways
Visit for strolls through sites such as fountain Abbey – or go to Ellin’s
Find a pub with a stunning view at
Take a walk by the sea –
Mix art with exercise and go to a sculpture park
Hole up at a Hotel Du Vin or Malmaison. – I did this in October on a work trip with Tone. I’ll write up in due course.

Its all about Babara Hulaicki the founder of Biba this month. I nearly weed with joy when I read the article. I LOVE her style and the story behind all of her pieces and designs. I want my living room to look like she lives here!

Her top tips…

Don’t rush the way your home looks. – No chance of that, it’s taken me since April to strip the hall way!

Paint a sample on every wall and see how the light affects it.

Materials make all the difference. Faux suede dress fabric is as sturdy as sturdy as that you would find in a furniture store.

Be careful, using too much glitz can really kill the mood. Too many gorgeous things in one room can look dreadful. No fear there then as I can’t afford too many gorgeous things!

If the idea of a colour overhaul is too scary, start on a smaller scale bringing in a few pillows or a brightly coloured stool.

Although you may not have decided what you want out of life, your ruler Jupiter should now be helping you work out what you don’t, so you are almost there. None productive types around you might not see it that way. Tough. They won’t be around long enough to cause you further concern.