Sunday, 29 November 2009

Bad Hair Month

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My hair has been a bit of an issue this month. The first issue arose as we filmed a home makeover show at the beginning of November. We were fortunate to be selected to have our dining room made over, and 2 of the filming days included shopping for things to go in said room.

On the first day we had our pictures taken for the sake of continuity, and were asked to wear the same clothes for the next shopping day after the weekend. But over the weekend, I had a particularly bad hair day which resulted into a morning messing about with the Maire Claire makeover tool, then an afternoon down at the hairdresser’s having 5 inches cut off.

It was only as the last few strands were being blow dried into a shoulder length do – that I realised having 5 inches removed from my hair was possibly not what the TV crew had in mind by means of continuity. Luckily I was wearing pigtails and a hat, so only the geeky should notice my plats moving up and down in length throughout the show.

The other hairstyles were all a bit of disaster. The bird’s nest pony tail effort turned into more of a backcombed mono dread. In Husband’s words I looked like a “17th century serving wench” and it was “The worst hairstyle he had ever seen”.

All the other attempts at the styles turned out nothing like the pictures, largely because I don’t own velcro rollers the size of tires or long lovely straight hair any more. I think I need to work with what I’ve got when it comes to my mop at the moment, and for husband’s sanity leave the backcombing out.

One thing that amuse me highly with this article, were the anthropological references that were associated with some of the styles.

“On a basic anthropological level, leaving hair unrestrained signifies a relaxed, free spirit” (Or someone who can’t find their bobble) “A glossy, low – maintenance style shouts health and fertility.” That’s good! So when I really can’t be arsed to even brush my hair, like today, that signifies free spirit rather than a big slob. Yay – off the hook thanks to basic anthropology!

Re the 17th century serving wench / birds nest do…

“In Japan, the back of the neck is considered a woman’s most erogenous zone. Jake Davis, senior stylist at John Freida, says that revealing this area can elongate the body and give an elegant silhouette.” The only silhouette this god awful style will give you is that of Shaft standing directly beside David Seaman.