Sunday, 8 November 2009

Make Over Tool

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It has been mentioned a few times in this blog that about a year ago I managed to talk my hairdresser into giving me a perm. I love my hairdresser, she’s ace and I’ve trusted her for the past 5 years to work magic with my fairly unremarkable hair.

She was reluctant to say the least when I insisted that she perm it. But I was convinced it would be my lazy way to long, flowing romantic curls. I hate having to do anything with my hair. I hate washing it, I hate drying it, I hate brushing it – but I knew that shaving it off wasn’t an option, so have reluctantly gone through the motions with it since I was little.

Perming it seemed to hold the answer. I was convinced I could just wash my hair and it would dry on its own looking like I had just stepped out of a Salon. As a kid I begged my mum to let me have a perm. All the hard and popular girls at school had the same cork screw curls, that from my perspective was where all their power centralised and resulted in them being an instant willy magnet.

I was convinced that unless my hair resembled the scored ribbon off a badly wrapped present, I was going to die a social death with no friends or boyfriend to speak of. As I grew a little older though, I realised that the actual reason these girls were willy magnets – was largely because they were slags. More alarmingly, the actual reason I couldn’t get a boyfriend was because my love of horses had resulted in me smelling like one. No self respecting boy with an active sense of smell would want to be within 10 feet of me!

To cut a long story short, the perm didn’t produce the low maintenance long flowing curls I imagined. My hairdresser warned me it wouldn’t, but I was utterly convinced it was the right thing to do. So since then, my washing, drying and brushing has taken twice as long as it did before, as now I need to straighten what was once bone bloody straight in the first place.

November’s issue urges you to use the makeover tool on their website in order to test drive new hairstyles. I had a play around and realised that if I went for a long bob, I could cut most of the remaining perm out of my hair. My regular hairdresser is miles away, so I called up a place in town on the off chance they had an appointment free. Luckily they did, and within a couple of hours I’d had 5 inches of hair lobbed off.

It looks – Ok. It’s not the best haircut ever, mainly because my hairdresser knows my hair and how to make it look like hair rather than a loaf of Hovis. But emergency hairdresser didn’t do a bad job and Husband really likes it for some odd reason!