Sunday, 8 November 2009


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I’m slowly turning my living room into an ode to Biba and 60’s / 70’s inspired kitsch. To give you an idea of just how slow, last month I bought a cushion and this month I’ve bought a small orange plastic bowl from habitat. The bowl is featured in this month’s interiors feature and goes (or clashes) brilliantly with our big purple couch. I’m aiming to have this room finished sometime in the next 20 years at this rate. The feature is all about Barbara Hulanicki and her passion for interior design. I’d already spotted some wallpaper that I wanted for my living room by her a while ago, so was more than happy to follow her recommendation of a bright orange plate. However, when I got to habitat, I saw the bowls and figures I could keep a constant supply of chocolate in said bowl – you know – for guests.. *cough – me – cough*.