Monday, 16 November 2009

Five things not to miss part 2 - Manchester Christmas Lights

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The Lady tried to tease me a couple of weeks ago, boasting - yes that’s right Lady… you were definitely boasting.. That Jim Carey was switching on the Christmas lights in big old wonderful London where you live… and, wait for it…. Shane Ward off of X factor was switching on Manchester’s.

2 things to note.
1. It doesn’t matter if a naked Robert Pattinson, covered in cream offered to Switch on London’s lights, then offered free neck nibbles to anyone that wanted one.. Wait I’m getting carried off into a fantasy here!.. The point is – Nothing will convince me it was a good Idea for Lady and the Tramp to up sticks and move to London, for purely selfish reasons (as in I miss them loads).
2. She was wrong.

As Marie Claire’s December issue (Yes jumping ahead a little bit but stay with me), pointed out. Alex off of X Factor was actually switching on the lights, infinitely more famous with much better thighs.

So last Thursday, Blondie, Blondie’s sister, Blondie’s Boyfriend, Lodger and I decided to make a bit of a night of it.

In true Manchester style, on the one evening we really needed dry weather it was one of the wettest we had experienced for a while. But, what makes the Mancunion spirit wonderful is mums and dads, kids and teens had collectively thought – “Fuck it! If we didn’t go out in the rain, we wouldn’t bloody do anything up here”. The town hall square was full of people huddled under their brolly’s and it brought a proud smile to my face.

First on the agenda was to get through the crowd to bar number 1 for a cocktail. Blondie, being wondrously efficient was at the bar when I walked in and ordered me a “Sex on the Sofa” I am… ALL CLASS.

That went down a treat, and then we moved on to the restaurant for wine, food and more wine. By the time we stepped out into the town hall square to catch Alex marching her thighs up and down the tiny stage – we were tipsy to say the least. The rain had stopped and we (well not Blondie’s boyfriend) were warbling along to whatever song was playing.

Alex pushed the button and the lights were on - Woohoo. But sod that, it was the fireworks we were really there for, and they were amazing! I took loads of wicked pictures on my phone, well I thought they were brilliant at the time – I was the next Rankin. Now I have seen them sober I have realised they actually fall into the “just about in focus” category!.

Fireworks over, it was time for another bar and another glass of wine. So we sauntered down to Room, for another bottle.. and then another one. Lucky for us, Blondie’s boyfriend was driving, so he got Lodger and me to our door safely. Once delivered safely home by one man, there was another lovely shining beacon of a bloke (being husband) welcoming us to the couch, where he tucked Lodger and I under a duvet and gave us both a brandy and coke. This coupled with the Game On DVD box set of Lodgers should have been the end to a perfect night.

This was not the end however. The brandy and coke was that drink. You know the one I mean. The line crosser. The drink that takes you from manageably pissed, to absolutely minging. So my night ended with my head down the loo. The only question remaining, do I know cross the earlier dinner off my food diary?