Sunday, 1 November 2009

How to get pregnant Marie Claire Stylee

1.Check your Fertility
Marie C suggests buying a £179 fertility test which tests the hormone levels and quality and quantity of eggs in your ovaries. I’ve decided to go down the traditional route and go to my doctor. I had a blood test, which the hospital lost. Wonderful! So I’ve ended up having 2 more blood tests, the results of which I get next week. These measure my hormone levels to see if I am ovulating.

2. Ask Mum
“If your mother had her menopause in her 40’s, it’s likely you will do the same” Mother, I know you won’t like me admitting this to the world on a blog, but you created me – therefore you have to take some of the responsibility. My mum is not in her 40’s, and over the past year it’s become quite relevant that wine is no longer the only source that makes her go bright pink and a bit ditzy. So it looks like I’ve got until my 50’s.

3. Stop Smoking.
Women who smoke go through the menopause 2 years earlier than those who don’t.
I’ve done it! I have been told I was the worst kind of smoker – I never bought my own cigarettes because I classed myself as a none smoker. But as soon as I had a glass of wine in my hand, I was poncing cigarettes of anyone within proximity. I would promisethat I would get them a packet of cigs one day to pay of my accumulating poncing debt – sounds like the words of an addict to me! This month though, even with the wine, I withheld. It was really hard! I enjoy a cigarette with a glass of wine, and would stare wistfully at those who were enjoying my guilty pleasure. But now, the mental craving has all but gone – I am smoke free! Thanks Marie Claire!

4. Cut out trans-fats
So for the whole of October I needed to look for “Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat” on food labels. I think trans-fats must be a rarity now a days. I couldn’t find them in anything to cut out in the first place.

5. Get a (fertility friendly) life.
This means maintaining a healthy weight, cutting back on sugar and refined carbs. Eating more fibre, take daily exercise and eat one serving of full fat dairy a day.
I’ve tried to go for a walk at least once a day at lunch time, I’m within my healthy BMI, I’ve been eating fruit and fibre for breakfast and I’ve eaten some full fat dairy every day. But, alas, no baby yet folks.