Monday, 5 October 2009

Statement Necklace

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I was rocking my "Statement necklace" today at work.I'm not sure what statement I was making exactly, other than - "check out my ace new massive necklace!" Made and sent to me by the lovely Marika King It attracted more than one positive comment from people at work. Also I went for lunch with my mate Tann, and in his own way he paid me a lovely compliment which went something along the lines of.. "I like your head, I like this (Points at necklace) in fact I like your whole ensemble" Bless you Tann and your very male way of communicating!
I wore this with the chinos and boots outfit from August, with a simple white vest. I feel really comfortable in this outfit. It feels like me. The lovely Marika ships world wide, and is my cousin-in-law, which are 2 very good reasons to check out her site. This is definitely a nod to Marie Claire - it's been a long time since I've walked around in something a little more daring than normal and felt confident enough to carry it off. Having said that - I got November's issue yesterday and it's all about bloody jumpsuits. My friend H has one and it looks ace on her - but I'm only just getting to grips with socks and shoes.... A jumps suit seems a like running before I can walk.