Sunday, 11 October 2009

Off The Cuff

Marie Claire has suggested a fair amount of exercise over the past few months. Some I have managed, some I haven’t. The manageable exercise, is the exercise I need to do in order to get somewhere I need to be. So ditching the lift and taking the stairs is easy to build into my day, as is chasing down the street after complete strangers.. Being so rubbish at exercise, I try to build a walk around town into my day too, using errands at lunch time as my motivation.

On Thursday I had a very important errand. To locate and buy… Sliver dip.

When Woolworth’s closed I didn’t bat an eyelid, stupidly thinking that Woolworths was not a retail outlet that made a difference to my life. That was until the day I needed some Dylon. Realising Woolworths was more than mini cans of pop and pick and mix, I ended up having to order the stuff off the internet

The same issue popped up last week when I decided to clean up an old cuff I had, in order to fulfil a fashion item from the September issue. Where on earth do you get Silver Dip from now Woollies has closed? I traipsed from one end of Manchester to the other, racking my brain as to where to look.

My first thought was Poundland, asking the advice of the sales assistant.. she looked at me as if I insulted her with my buffoonery – so I took this as a no and went on my way.

I took this little bubble of buffoonery over to the other side of the shopping centre and went into a jewellers, asking “where in town I might buy Silver dip?” The sales assistants all looked up, and chanted “Here?!” in unison. All were wearing an expression that led me to believe that in their heads, they had followed the audible “Here” with a in-audible “Of course you bloody idiot, this is a jewellers full of silver”

I spent the remainder of lunch at my deskcleaning up this piece of jewellery, which probably would have remained forgotten if it wasn’t for the September issue. I LOVE it and had ignored it for years after it had gone dull, grubby and lost the ribbon.

The cuff was bought at Sheffield Hallam Uni, made by a girl called Sarah on the metalwork and jewellery course. She has hammered a lace pattern into the cuff, and drilled holes in the back to lace up with ribbon. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since and plan to make a lot more use of it now it looks shiny and new again. I feel like a bit of an idiot for not cleaning it up sooner and think this may be the start of a silver dipping frenzy!