Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Rules of Making friends

Apparently, no matter how many you have, there is always room in your life for more. I slightly disagree with this statement from the offset. I’m very lucky to have some very patient, tolerant and understanding friends. Having enough time to spend with them is something I really struggle with and often feel I’m being a bit crap, not seeing anyone person enough. So growing expanding my friendship group isn’t something I feel I need to do.

Never the less, last night, as you may have read in my previous post I took a “legal high” at a birthday gathering. This “legal” over the counter capsule, had me loved up and chattering away to all in proximity, and one particular poor girl seemed to attract the attention of Gizmo and I for the majority of the evening.

I’ve rechecked Marie Claire’s “Rules of Making Friends” and it looks like on this occasion it may have been an EPIC fail.

1. Get Over It – This relates to letting go of old friendships that aren’t working anymore, so doesn’t really apply here.

2. Take it slowly – Not a chance, last night I think I was talking at about 100 miles an hour, offering advice to this poor girl about anything from getting business funding to being a model.

3. Don’t be too blue – Winner! I don’t think I could have been more on top of the world last night! I was, most definitely not miserable. Unfortunately my level of happiness is now making me cringe.

4. Keep Something Back – FAIL, I over shared to heroic levels last night, mostly inanely useless crap. The something I should have kept back was quite possibly everything that came out of my mouth. CRINGE.

5. Give and Take – Hmm the poor girl didn’t have much chance to do any giving, I was, by all accounts an oxygen thief in the conversation.

6. Be open to new sorts of people – I would have been hugging tramps if I had been given half a chance last night. It’s a good job we found a taxi right away. Left on the street for any longer outside the pub and I would have started offering love and advice to all the students milling around.

So it looks like these rules may have something in them. Because last night I did the exact opposite and It’s quite possible I repelled new friendships, rather than even leaving people feeling indifferent! Oh, well – you live and learn!