Thursday, 1 October 2009

September list round up

September list round up

Letter to the Editor
I’ve already written this and got a response! I didn’t win letter of the month though booo!

Enter the Luxury weekend in New York Competitions – Done
Enter the Paul Edmunds Cut and Colour Comp – Done
Enter professional make over comp – Done

Join the “Have you ever cried at work” debate at
I did and you can see this on the website.

Catch up with Katy Reagan’s dating Blog
Book Club book
I’m still reading Dorian Grey, funnily enough, when you work full time and try to do everything Marie Claire tells you to do, you don’t have much reading time.

Log on to for “Staycation ideas” – Did this, then booked a holiday to Egypt… oops!

Online sites
Log on to to discover a more targeted way of giving to charity
I’ve checked this out and it looks good. Something to consider when I’ve got back in the green after paying for my holiday.

Log on to for free preview tickets for Julie and Julia - this has sold out unless I want to go and see it in Staines… which I don’t! So will have to do this earlier next month.

“Watch this face” – Relating to actress Charlotte Riley, so I need to watch something with her face in it.
I still haven’t caught anything with her face in it, but I’ll continue to keep my eyes peeled!

Cook Gizzi Erskine’s menu for a dinner party, whilst wearing a little black dress and playing Gizzi’s playlist.
Done – See the post Dinner and the dead rat.

This month I worked the French Lady look (Today in fact), The masculine feminine look, The Tough Bohemian look, got a style statement cuff and bought some fierce footwear went out in some bubblegum glamour

See Michelle Obama’s top ten fashion moments at
Go go Michelle O! - Done

Michelle Obama’s tips for being universally loved

1. Curb your inner toddler, pass on tips, introduce friends to each other and see your popularity sore.
2. Weave personal anecdotes into your argument. This helps win people over and makes your point without being boring.
3. When faces with a daunting social event, research something of interest to the people you’ll meet so you can focus on putting them at their ease.
4. Schedule intimacy.
5. Understand what works for your shape.
6. We can all benefit from focusing on strengths in any given situation, rather than apologising for the bits that don’t fit.
7. Being tactile can be an advantage, just don’t go over the top. Keep my touch light using subtle gestures.
8. Think of challenges and obstacles you can have fun overcoming.

I have kind of done all of the above at different points in the month – but I’m not sure I’m universally loved.

Next time I reach for chocolate, pause and ask myself: “What is this all about?”
I did, and as I suspected, It was about me, wanting to eat chocolate.

The rules of living together
Buy 2 tellies – done
But only one bed – done
Hire a cleaner –? I couldn’t justify this in the end. We are pretty good at sharing the cleaning.
Don’t eat his food – He baked a Ginger cake, which I have refused to eat, but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking about it. There. In the tin. Drizzled in Lime Iceing… DROOL
Be clear about what I want – I always have been, clean ears, no debt and a roll in the hay on the Sabbath! Can’t be much clearer than that now can I – everything else is a bonus.

See the post “There is Porn in my granny’s handbag.”

Follow the panadol packing guide on page 169 when packing for a break away. – I’ve not been away this month 

Boost my lip colour. 80s inspired neon lip colours. See post “Enter the dragon, beware the hooker lipstick”

Wear shimmer for a day – See post “Darth and the Submarine”

Be bold with colour - See post “coloured Mascara”

Treat my hair to a weekly treatment. – Done

Use a sharp Kohl pencil to draw on eyeliner before a liquid eyeliner. See posts “The Flick” and “The Smudge”

Put foundation on lips before lipstick. Using a lip brush for precision. – I did this, it didn’t make a significant difference.

Use shading and lightening to bring areas of the face forward or make them recede.
You can see this in the picture of the “September hair post”. It looks good, I’ve been told I look healthier by a few people this month due to lashings of extra bronzer.

Think braids. At lacroix, a topknot was paired with plaits for a look that Malcolm Edwards called ‘Parisian Chic meets hip-hop with cornrows’
See “September Hair Post”

Make waves with a celebrity style that’s perfect for long locks.
As I suspected, the perm kind of gets in the way.

Have a complementary YSL perfect touch foundation consultation.
I did this and bought it – because I am a fool and was sucked in by the orange tentacle lady on the counter that slapped it on my face and baffled me with bollocks technology. It’s a foundation, not a bloody jet engine!

5 things I must not miss

Bestival: Sep 11th – 13th – I missed it.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s September 9th – Jan 9th, I’ve Booked it and will go in November

Cancer research Handbag Amnesty 1st – 31st September. I went into Cancer research and couldn’t see anything to do with this. I hadn’t got a spare hand bag with me in any case.

Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism, Manchester art gallery Sep 26th – Jan 10th. Haven’t done this yet, but there is still time.

London Fashion Week: Sep 18th – 22 – The stylist worked it this year, so I’ll get the gossip next time I see her.

Choose a book from the reviewed book list and read.
I still need to finish Dorian Grey – eek!

Watch Broken Embraces at the corner house.
I was meant to see this with Nursey, but we were crap at organising it. If anyone still wants to watch it – let me know.

Listen to Witney Houston, I look to You.
I can’t find this on Spotify, so not listened to it yet. I may have to download it properly.

Watch Material Girl on BBC1 – Missed it.
Don’t miss Running in heals E! - Hate it, the interns are so nasty!
Gunrush ITV- Missed it
Harpers Island BBC3 – missed it
Trinity ITV2 – I managed to catch an episode of this, it’s pretty cool. A bit dark, but I liked it.

Create a Kleenex cube – Done, see post

Mercury recons that now is the time to ask for a pay rise or call in debts. Much as you hate having to beg, needs must. Hopefully, you’ll then be able to make the most of the not inexpensive social opportunities offered by Venus. – Hmm, maybe I need to put my expenses claim in!