Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Financial foreplay

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Apparently sorting out my finances will improve my sex life; make me feel “richer” in the emotional sense. Last month, Husband and I took our eye off the ball financially, and it kind of got us into a bit of hot water. This is unusual for us as I am pretty stringent with our money in v money out, mainly due to sorting out the 4 years of money out and no money in that was my time at uni.

I’m not sure how this will affect our sex life though. Last month I was a bit footloose and fancy free with the finances. Buying my lunches rather than making them (ooh the danger), putting the odd thing on my credit card, and generally overspending because we let our hair down a fair bit (lock me up I’m TOO wild). This bad financial behaviour didn’t then transfer into some parallel sexual energy though. I wasn’t dancing around in naughty undies, getting Husband to talk dirty to me by spelling out naughty words on an upside down calculator. 58008 anyone?

My finances needed sorting anyway, so I’ve spent the last couple of hours sifting through the money in v money out for this next month. Working out payments, arguing with Husband, depressing myself with how little we have each to spend on fun stuff this month. Now forgive me, it may be a malfunction in my libido so you must not take this as red - especially from a measly sample of one. But quite frankly, the last thing I want now is to go and do rude things with Husband.

1. I’m pissed off at him because we just had a pointless argument about money.

2. I’m depressed at facing the truth, November is going to be no fun.

3. My eyes and brain hurt from all the working out

4. I’m in a bad mood, and when in a bad mood I want wine and cake, not rudies.

Maybe there is a lag time? Maybe I will wake up tomorrow feeling a weight has been lifted and pounce on husband? Maybe my calculator has nothing to do with my Libido at all.