Monday, 22 June 2009

PMT and Hot Pink Lipstick

My PMT has kicked in full force today. I’m angry lady. An angry, swollen, sore, irrational lady. It started this morning when I woke up. I hurt, so much so that I thought moving may render me paralysed. Yesterday I went horse riding for an hour and the lesson was pretty intensive. In my rush to get to the lesson on time I neglected to put on a bra under my t shirt and hoodie. After half an hour, I was afraid I might be able to tuck my boobs into the syrups when I’d finished.

After horse riding, Husband and I decided that we would cycle over to my Aunties where we had gathered various fathers in the family to celebrate fathers day ( Guitar hero and lots of food – brilliant afternoon) and then cycle back.

This has resulted in how I feel now. Every muscle from my neck to my calves ache. If that’s how I feel after exercise I’m used to, I’m dreading the interval training even more now.

After I had managed to slide out of bed and manoeuvre into my clothes, Lodger and I picked up Blondie on our way to work. Blondie is a morning person, normally something I am grateful for as it wakes me up and puts me in a good mood for the day. I’ve not seen her for a week as she has been on holiday, and although I have missed her, lots, I still managed to be a bit of snarley cow of which I later had to apologise for. (Blondie has also agreed to do the interval training with me – she’s always up for that sort of torture, hence why she has an enviable figure and enjoys her food more than anyone I know)

After growling at her, I then turned my snarl to work. Work, which was quite frankly getting in my way of sitting at home, under a blanket eating cheese and chocolate, hating the world and feeling sorry for myself. Luckily I work with some very lovely people so I got through the day without throwing my computer or phone out of the window.

At lunch I decided to go to MAC to get the bright pink lipstick that is part of the mini makeup kit that Marie Claire says I should be taking on holiday. I had 6 empty MAC cases at home that has taken me 2 years to collect, which MAC will exchange for 1 Lipstick as part of their recycling policy.

Being slightly colour blind doesn’t help when choosing makeup, so I asked the girl on the counter to just give me the brightest pink lipstick they did. It’s called “Girl About Town” which I took to be a bit of a tenuous nod to the future of this project. I was very please but also very unsure if I could carry it off.

When I got home Husband could tell I was having an attack of the Hormones. He tucked me up on the couch, gave me a cuddle then went to get me a Chinese. I put my bright pink lipstick on for when he got back to see his reaction.

Husband: Hahahaha
Me: What?
Husband: What’s that Lipstick?
Me: Do you like it?
Husband: Errr
Me: Well?
Husband: It makes your look different!
Me: Do I look like an Idiot?
Husband: Er no, It looks er cool – you just have these big bright lips on your head.

Hmm – I’ll post up some pictures when I’m on holiday and you will be able to see for yourself. I think it may be verging on drag queen chic. In the meantime I have kissed it all off over Husbands forehead as punishment for not just lying and saying it looks great. He’s currently in the kitchen speaking to Lodger completley unaware he looks like he’s been attacked by a hussy.

Flicking through the Marie Claire, I’ve noticed I’d missed some Top Eco Tips from a Kenco promotion.

These are:
Buy locally grown, seasonal produce whenever possible.
On Sunday I’m off to the Farmers Market to get my Husbands Meat for the month and some veggies and pesto

Go to the local charity shop and check out for designer bargains.
I’ll have a rummage for that beaded bangle in Oxfam in town on Wednesday.

Search out Organic or Eco friendly cosmetic brands.
Well after recycling 6 of my old MAC cases for a brand new lippy – consider that done!

Advertise unwanted white goods on Freecycle
The old telly will be going on there this week

Turn your daily ritual of a relaxing coffee break into a positive action for the environment.
What do Kenco want me to do? Plant a bloody tree every time I brew up? I’ve just run out of coffee at work, so I’ll buy some rainforest Alliance Kenco. I’ll concede that the purchase of their coffee brand is in fact the positive action of which they speak.

Right I’m off to try and placate the hormones by making something to eat that includes Nutella and stodge.