Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The beginning of an Epiphany?

Hello there

I’d like to begin my blog with a big thanks for bothering to take a look. I’ve not written a blog before so at this point of it’s creation, I’m simply overjoyed that you thought the title was worth clicking on (unless it was a mistake and you meant to look at something else.)

The purpose of this blog is to diarise an experiment. An experiment that has been born out of my accumulating hysteria surrounding turning 30 next year.

Everything about me is pretty ordinary. I look ordinary, I have an ordinary Job, and live in an ordinary suburb of Stockport. I’m married, ordinarily and posses no experiences or achievement thus far in my life that propels me into the stratosphere of the “exta”ordinary.

As a child, this was not how I saw my life panning out. I was supposed to grow up looking similar to Giselle, become a DR (or a zoo keeper or lolly pop lady – at 4 I liked to keep my career options open), married to a rock star (preferably Damon Albarn or Liam Howlet), splitting my time between the house in the UK and the house in *Insert hot sunny location here*

At no point did I ever sit on my mother’s knee and exclaim that my dream was to grow up and be a “real life Media Sales Executive”, living in Stockport battling with debt and getting a bit fatter than I would like.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful for everything I have got. A wonderful (patient) husband, my health and job that I don’t despise in the middle of a recession. These are all things to be proud of and thankful for. But one thing I also have is an addiction to Women’s glossy mags – and here, I think, lies the problem.

From pictures of perfect models, interviews with perfect celebrities, images of astronomically priced handbags, advice on sex, work, relationships and health, not to mention the raft of contradicting diet information, I’m left feeling, well, a bit shit really!

On a road trip to London this weekend, I decided to write down everything one particular magazine advised me to do in the month of June. This magazine was Marie Claire

There were no less than 66 items on my list. These ranged from entering competitions, visiting certain websites, reading certain books, letting my feet have some “fun” in bow embellished sandals to hanging upside down for 15 minutes a week to help my back??!! I began to wonder, if I actually did the 66 items on the list, would the accumulative effect actually mean that June would be better. If I wore some “statement Jewellery” with my swimming costume next time I was on the beech, would I be that one step closer to being Giselle?! Would actually following all the advice, every single bit, catapult me in to the extraordinary world projected from it’s pages?

Input = Output as they say, so I have decided that I’ll give it a go and see for myself – and would love it (if you have read on and are still with me) if you joined me for the ride.

So tomorrow I will go and purchase July’s copy of Marie Claire – and start the preparation for what I am at best hoping to be an epiphany and at worst hoping to be a bit of a laugh.

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you back here tomorrow.