Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The night before

Tonight is my last night of complete freedom of choice. Well, not really because I will always be free to step away from this project, but luckily I’m stubborn so I want to see it through. Especially as I have been having a fat week and the pictures within the covers of Marie Claire seem more seductive than ever.

I’ve posted up my first picture - the beginning. For the record, it’s not the best representation of my current fashion sense as I was on my way to rock climbing with Lodger.

Rock climbing is another way my late 20’s episode is manifesting itself. Bear Grylls came to my work to talk to us not so long ago. I think his aim was to motivate us, the sort of “You can do anything if you try hard enough!” type of motivation. I’m not sure his aim was to motivate a clearly slightly neurotic 28 year old to start rock climbing, get a new tattoo - and devote a year of their life trying to find out the truth from the waffle in a leading glossy magazine.

So to start – my vital statistics
Weight: 10 stone 5.25 pounds (the heaviest I’ve been)
Waist: 30”
Hips: 39”
Chest: 34”
Upper arm: 12”
BMI: 22.37

I’ve also taken some pictures of all the things I’ve had to collect for the July list. Along with my feet and hands as a manicure and regular pedicures are part of this month. As my head is safely far away from my feet, I tend to skip around blissfully unaware that they are absolutely skanky. The macro on the camera has picked up details that until tonight I didn’t know existed. So hopefully they will look nicer come August.

So here we go. As from 7 am tomorrow I will be embarking on the first month of my life according to Marie Claire magazine. I hope you enjoy reading about it, because now all the fun shopping is over – it looks bloody awful!