Thursday, 6 August 2009

Running Play list.. with errr no running.

I had every intension of going for a run today. Well, a 4-minute walk and 1 minute runathon. But before I could go, I had to compile my running play list on my I-pod. Due to being completely inept at using I tunes and loading my I-pod, it has taken me nearly 3 hours to put the following together.

Missy Elliot – Work It
Afrika Bambatta – Planet Rock
JoJo De Freq – Saturn Returns
M.I.A – 10 Dollar
Prodigy – Everybody in the place
Deep Blue – Helicopter Tune
Lethal Bizzle – Babylons Burning The Ghetto
Sway – Download
And for the big finish….
Salt and Pepper – Push it

And now it's dark, and Husband wants some attention. So this will have to wait until Saturday.