Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Mary remains Hairy

Both Husband and Lodger are away. Lodger has gone home for the weekend, and husband is on a stag do. He’s running around in a forest in Gloucestershire, dressed as Robin Hood wheeling a big rubber sword around. I’ll save you the infinite amount of dirty puns that have just flown into my proudly immature inner monologue.

So here I sit, hair stuck on end, spots (yep..still there), greasy face, old dressing gown quite alarmingly in need of a shower. I look and smell like an old kitchen bin. Bliss!

It was my second attempt at going for my laser treatment today, but unfortunately – my time of the month decided to move, without warning, from this coming Wednesday to today. I blame this on Milnoids at work. My womb was perfectly synchronised with hers to the day, then she went on holiday for 2 weeks, then I went on holiday for a week, came back and caught the swine. My poor ovaries haven’t known if they are coming or going since, but she’s back now and so hopefully they can sort themselves out - and we can get back to being growly and over emotional at exactly the same time again.

The last thing I want when I feel like this, is anyone near my lady garden. Even more so if they are wearing rubber gloves, goggles and zapping it with a machine that looks like it belongs off the set of Logan’s run. So It’s been moved again..

I’m not sure if I had PMT over-sensitivity yesterday, but I was paranoid when I was walking around Tesco that people were catching a glance at my outfit because it wasn’t really appropriate for the chiller cabinet on a Friday night. I was wearing the rolled up chinos and boots combo. I really like my Chinos, even if I did have to buy them in a 14… DAMN YOU GAP. Combined with my boots and vest, it looks a bit Tank girl, which makes me feel 16 again. But I’m not sure how well I carry it off judging by some of the glances I was getting! I wore it to work the other day, and some of the guys were very complementary – so maybe it’s all about not just what you where, but where you were it? Hmmm, this may be my second Marie Claire revelation.. Fashion is as much about those that see it and appreciate it – as it is about wearing it? This whole fashion thing may run deeper that the superficial vein I had always put it in.

My lovely workmates have noticed and said nice things about most of the outfits inspired by the August list so far. If my legs were not so white, (they are bordering on blue) – I would be feeling very confident about my clothes this month. This isn’t a feeling I’ve had for a very long time, and although I’ve spent a fair bit this month it’s been totally worth it. (Luckily I compiled the September list last night and it looks like it gives my bank account a bit of a rest!)

When I started this project, I thought I would waddle around dressed like a fashion victim for the majority of the time. But what I wasn’t prepared for was how actually paying attention to the fashion pages, is teaching me how to wear stuff I already have in different ways that look quite good (even if Stockport Tesco disagrees).