Friday, 7 August 2009

Hair drying naturally

Originally uploaded by mariecandme

Well I followed the advice of Naomi Campbell, and twisted my hair up when wet, let it dry naturally and when let down it should have resulted in a gorgeous natural wave.
My hair already has wave, ala pot noodle. To turn into gorgeous and natural surely can’t be that simple?

The answer is.. it isn’t. I washed my hair, gave it a quick blast with the hair dryer to fend off a relapse of the swine, twisted it up.. and hoped for the best.

14 whole 6o minute hours later, I let my hair down to see the results… It was still bloody wet! It’s more like a pot noodle that I thought, it’s actually freeze dried and absorbs water. I’ve not tasted it, but I’d put money on my hair being spicy beef flavour.