Monday, 10 August 2009

Flipper and friends

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Introducing Flipper

This August, Marie Claire urges readers to "Spend Summer with Flipper". It's referring to an 11 day volunteering project off the coast of Scotland. You pay FROM £995 and go and record the number of Dolphins and contribute to related conservation work. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for saving the Dolphins.... but £995? Am I the only one that thinks this is a bit steep for 11 days in a Fishing Village off the coast of Scotland... counting fish? However, on looking at the website, they are a "not-for-profit" organisation, and a good cause so I must just be naive the costs involved. (And slightly miffed that I don't have a spare grand to go and actually do it!)

As a compromise, Lodger and I went to the local pet shop on Sunday to seek out our own Flipper. We got distracted and were just about to buy a kitten, when reality ran in, slapped us in the face and reminded us we were there for a gold fish.

The child... er sorry man behind the desk seemed very knowledgeable in 2 things. Very bad jewellery and how many fish can go in a bowl without them dying.

"Please can I talk to you about fish"
"How many Gold Fish can go in that bowl" (I point to a standard round bowl)
"Oh - I really wanted more than that so they wouldn't be lonely"
"In that bowl, you can only have one"
"OK - What about that bowl" ( I point to a larger bowl in the shop)
"Oh, err right. so if I wanted 3 fish.. what size bowl would I need?"
The child points to a tank
"£30 was rather more than I wanted to pay..... can I put on of these weird fish in one of the small bowls?"
"It will jump out, those fish are a bit crazy"
"Would you sell it to me, if I said I was buying it just to see that?
"Right...ummm" (Then I spot some very tiny Fish)
"How many of those can I have in this bowl"
"Will you do me a deal on 3" You have to haggle people!

So here are the new additions to our family, Trevor, Horatio and Flipper. In true Earthwatch style, I'm going to go in every morning and count them. This morning they were 3. Last night I found the cat with his paw in the water, husband, who is taking this conservation work very seriously ran in and saved them. So there has been no depletion in my Manchester pod thus far. Phew.