Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The flick

The flick
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I’ve been following the instructions this month to create the perfect flick with eyeliner. Apparently it’s all about the flick on the old eyelids this season. Classic 40’s glamour that seems to have stayed trendy forever. I really like liquid eyeliner on eyes, it’s simple and makes your eyes look bigger.
When I was a kid (and a bit of a goth/skater/I just want to wear stuff that will piss off adults) I used to be able to do this perfectly, in the car on the way to school, with my left hand. I was always very proud of this skill, this and the fact that I can do a great impression of a pigeon!

As you can see in the picture – I’ve got a bit shaky in my old age. Even following the tip of drawing on the line in pencil first I’ve not achieved the airbrushed perfection in the picture. But its not a bad effort!