Sunday, 20 September 2009

Darth, the Rhino and the Submarine.



Is there anyone out there?

Its fear and loathing in Reddish today. Yesterday was Betty and the Ranger’s wedding and everything seems a little bit blurred.

In fact – it’s just taken me 15 minutes to write the above sentence!

The wedding was amazing, Betty looked beautiful and the booze was flowing, everything was going so well. So well in fact that I seem to have succumbed to my usual drunken trick of over sharing and was talking about the Marie Claire sex tips with some fellow guests. I arrived home today with a Viagra in my purse and an order for porn from one of the guests that works in a sex shop. These things always seem like a great idea to gob off about at the time!

I tried to go to bed at 3, but between Fergatron, Dog boy and Clunk it felt like I was sleeping in the same room as Darth Vadar, a baby rhino and randomly, dog boy actually manages to sound like a submarine when he snores. By 10am this morning I had lost the plot, sat upright, wired laughing manically with medusa hair. I was in a dark place – I’m not sure how I managed to drive home!

Anyway I thought I would post some pictures today, and easy blog entry that my fragile mind can cope with. I wore shimmer for a day the other day and it looked nice, if a little teenage. It reminded me of when I used to go out and try and buy booze as a kid armed only with a “Very Berry” lipstick (The staple colour of any Stockport teen) and some Barry M shimmer eye shadow – as if this was the key to bamboozle the shop assistant to think I was older than I was. The fact I was trying to buy 2 litre bottle of Lambrini kind of gave the game away anyway.

So here it is - shimmer for a day, probably a good look after a heavy night as the light reflecting off your face will dazzle onlookers and distract them from the goblin beneath.