Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Its official – Husband is a feeder. In September’s Marie Claire it quite clearly states in the rules of living together.. “Don’t eat his food”

Over the past 2 weeks, husband has been working his way through Levi Roots’ cook book. What Marie Claire is asking me NOT to eat so far is: An amazing goat curry, a Jamaican rum and ginger cake with lime drizzle and today, he has just presented me with a home made beef patty. OH MY LORD. I had half in attempt to “Not eat his food”.

I asked husband if he would possibly refrain from at least baking this month as I have no will power. This was met with a flat “No” as his theory is… it’s my problem not his and no man / woman / silly magazine project will keep him from creating his delights.

So as for not eating his food – this is near on impossible. Especially as he has made me a patty for my lunch tomorrow. I think he’d rather me be a few pounds heavier than refuse his culinary creations. He gets pleasure out of cooking for people and seeing people enjoy his food - if I sit there inhaling a lettuce leaf instead of eating what he’s put so much effort onto, it wouldn’t matter how much my body was a temple – all he would see was an ungrateful vacuous oxygen thief.