Tuesday, 19 July 2011

No 15. Cut out the white stuff

I love cake, I view cake as a food group and part of my 5 a day. Cake is probably responsible for for the last 12lbs I can't seem to shake off since having the baby. But it's my friend. My crumbly, moist, sweet bakey cakey friend. I also love chocolate, but not as much as cake, don't tell chocolate because it might get jealous.

No. 15 in the article is to cut out sugar. I'd rather stick pins in my face (and I will as facial acupuncture is on the list and far more appealing than no cake).

So I scoured the internet to research this "cutting out sugar", my fingers sieze up just trying to type the words. I came across a great blog "My Years Without Sugar" written by a woman after my own heart. One that likes to document her experiment whether it succeeds or fails. She was doing great, but then fell off the wagon at the start of this year.

I believe this is because if you fully cut something out of your diet, it makes your brain flip out and go into battle. I'm sure if you have ever been on a diet, you have found you start to obsess about what you can't have. I know I certainly have. On more than one occasion I have snapped on a diet and been found snaffling the chocolate / bread / *insert cut out item here* in the local supermarket car park, like some sort of binge eating Gollum.

So I'm going to opt for weening myself off sugar by replacing my usual brands of sugar laden foods with alternatives one by one, but not have a thrombosis if I have a little bit of birthday cake or a slice of Pizza now and again socially. This cut down should still be significant, and luckily for me, I've found oodles of refined sugar free recipes for cake.

My first replacement will be Yogurt. I thought I was being healthy with my daily dose of berries and low fat natural yoghurt for breakfast. Errr NO! 9 sneaky grams of sugar per 100ml. So this will be replaced with homemade yoghurt but first I need a yoghurt maker. I'll keep you posted as to if it's nice or not.