Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Did you know I've been rubbing concrete into my face?!

I passed through Selfridges this lunch time, not to buy anything - I age just looking at the price tags in that place.
In the centre of the beauty hall there was a stand for the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System.

Soap and water? Pah. Cleanse tone and moisturise? Pah. Exfoliate? NOT LIKELY.

According to the heavily made up woman presenting it to me, this wondrous little device that was invented "by the same people that invented the electric toothbrush" have come up with the "Next Botox". All very strong claims for something that looks like the hybrid love child of a sex toy and washing up brush.

Firstly, I'd like to point out that this gadget ranges from around £120 - £179. Having obtained my degree in product design, I'm fairly confident in saying that this hand held unit with an oscillating brush on the end is commanding a huge profit margin. So either A) the claims are true, it is the next botox and thus the company can put such a high value on the results. Or B) it's a complete and utter rip off.

The lady then demonstrated the brush on my arm. Apparently all the exfoliating I have been doing in my adult life has been like "Rubbing concrete" on my face. Speak for yourself love, if that's what it takes to get half the Benefit makeup counter off your face, so be it, but I certainly have NOT been using anything even similar to concrete. She went on to explain that the gentle oscillating brush manages to deeply cleanse my face, without me having to perform some sort of unknown building materials related self harm. Seriously, where do they get these nitwits from to sell these products?

I picked up a leaflet with some before and after shots on it. Apparently girls, up until now all we have been told by the beauty industry is a lie. Cleansing and toning or washing your face with any one of the plethora of products out there in the beauty market has NOT been working. I repeat NOT been working. We still have makeup lurking on our face and the only thing that will help is a vibrating dish brush.

I will try this gadget later on in the blog and see for myself if it works. If it does I'll personally go and find the Selfridges nitwit and shake her hand in a sort of stealth apology for accusing her of talking rubbish.