Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dream a little dream

Sometimes, does your brain weird you out? Often, I wake up from particularly obscure dreams and wonder how my brain came up with such fantastically weird situations.

I believe that you can learn things through your dreams, but I’ve never taken the time to really analyse them. So I was happy to see that part of November’s challenge was to keep a pad by the side of my bed and write down my dreams when I woke up. I then had to work through them to fathom out what they all meant.

The ones that particularly stood out to me over the 30 days were really vivid. They included watching a colony of Puffin / Toucan like birds with my mum. I figured that was likely because the Life program on BBC 1 had been about birds that week.

I also dreamed I was stood in a shower, throwing wine glasses at Husband (who kept morphing into Sharon Osborn) whilst I stood in a shower shouting at him. This was easy to work out, he was supposed to be getting up early that morning to go to the glaziers an pick up a table top… but he was down stairs, completely drunk at 5:30 am listening to music. So even in my sleep I was pissed off at him! (No – he didn’t get up at 7 like he was supposed to.)

The one dream that stood out to me was only a couple of nights ago though. Lodger and I stumbled on an old disused room in a mill. For £2 a week we could rent it out as an art studio, so we did. We loved it in there and were arts and crafting to our heats content – then we left the room to go and find our friend’s to show them. But when we returned, we got totally lost, no matter where we looked we couldn’t fond the room…

What does it all mean?

I feel like I’m losing my creativity! And I bloody well do! I took creative routes all the way through my education - right up until uni. Then I got a job in Media, and slowly but surely I’ve become deskilled and stifled in the areas which I’m most passionate about. It hit home quite a bit and it’s got me thinking about flexing my creativity again. I don’t want to be end up as one of those old ladies that knits dolls to go over loo rolls just to express myself.