Friday, 11 December 2009

5 point plan to survive the party season

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I tried to follow the advice on how not to get too drunk at a work party on Wednesday. Clad in my little black dress, with my bag on a chain in metalic shoes (So far, so Marie Claire), I had every intention of having a glass of water between drinks, sticking to long drinks and not letting anyone fill up my glass. I also started to keep a tally (as advised) of all the booze I was drinking.

As you can see, the first drink was between the hours of 12 - 1 (Vodka and coke), then a beer between 3pm - 4pm. I picked up the pace a little with a vodka and a wine between 4pm and 5pm, then really built up speed between 5-6 when the table ran out of water.

After 6 it all went a bit wrong, it was taking the bar so long to serve people I decided to bulk buy 6 Vodka and cokes so I didn't have to go back an queue.

The next thing I know, husband had come to pick me up armed with half a chicken split and I insisted we go to Kendals and buy each other perfume??!! What the hell??

Hence the question mark from 7pm - 8pm onwards. Maybe this is something I need to get the hang of?!