Tuesday, 1 December 2009

3 Course Disaster

This month the 3 course diner party menu came courtesy of Anjum Anand and I fucked it up royally:

Tandoori wild mushroom and goats cheese salad: Um, I forgot 3 ingredients and plated up enough to feed 6 rather than 3.

Prawn Biryani: After coughing my guts up whilst cooking all the spices and covering my top in the sauce, I eventually served up a plate of charred food looking like Rab C Nesbit.

Buttermilk panna cotta with blackberries: Although this is my favourite pudding from all the menus so far… I didn’t use buttermilk because I couldn’t get any and Husband found a massive lump of solid gelatine in his..oops. When I added the warm blackberries, it melted the top of the pudding and it all started to curdle together. As appealing as baby sick.

I still smelled of the burned biryani nearly 24 hours later and I haven’t dared put it in my food diary due to the heroic amount of oil involved. Bless Lodger, she ate everything without complaint, Husband on the other hand approaches meals as if he were a judge on master chef. I got a full critique of the meal whilst daydreaming of happily shoving a panna cotta up his jacksie.