Monday, 20 July 2009

La Roux

Husband is a DJ and producer, in his eyes; this definitely gives him the authority over all things music related in our relationship. Including what goes on MY Ipod. This caused a few arguments on holiday when I realised, what he had largely filled my memory up with was in no uncertain terms – utter shite .

However, it was his turn to gloat when the La Roux album belted out in the car last Saturday. From start to finish, La Roux warbled over track after track of what seemed like exactly the same tune. The plinky plonkey “I made this on a Play Station whilst stoned” backing tracks started to raise the beast in Husband. By track 5 he was in full rant and unfortunately I couldn’t argue, because he was right. Its not an album either of us could appreciated based on diversity or creativity. It was, as we concluded, as if Kraftwerk and Bananarama had a love child, who’s real and true talent was actually maths.

Sorry Marie Claire but so far I’ve not been into the music recommendations. But with 2 more Albums to go this month, there is still time to be swayed,