Thursday, 22 September 2011

Number 36 cut down on Alcohol

Number 36 Cut down on Alcohol

It's been a while - sorry! There have been a few bumps in my little road recently which have thrown me a bit off track, but things are beginning to settle down and I can get on with my mission to be IDd for booze in Tesco.

Number 36 on the list is Cut down on Alcohol. I've purposely left this until now, as tonight is my office annual party which predominently revolves around alcohol so I'm treating it as a kind of swan song.

I'm not sure exactly how much I drink, mainly because I'm a total and shameless binge drinker. So thought it best to cut it out rather than just cut down. My aim is to cut it out until my birthday and see how I do until then. You would think that after having 9 months off whilst pregnant then cutting it out wouldn't be so hard... but wine is my friend. My lovely pink (but I'm not wine racist - I'll take Red or white too) sloshy, fruity, winey friend. After a hard day with the child, wine is there for me, after a hard day at the office, wine is at home waiting with open arms and when I'm chilling with friends, wine chills too - unless it's red and then it sits on the side smiling at me from the kitchen.

So long wine (and vodka, and gin...) You are not friends with my skin or liver and so I must turn my back on you. But not until the morning when I'll probably hate you anyway for giving me a banging headache.