Sunday, 4 September 2011

Neutrogina Wave

I’ve had a little time between posts, because the next thing on the list I’ve decided to try is the Neutrogina wave. So to test it fairly I thought I’d use it for a couple of weeks first to give my face due time to regress back to that of a spring chicken.

The first comment I have, is even the box makes you feel old. It’s a product that feels like it’s aimed at teens. The fresh-faced girl on the box looks under 20 and stares at you with beautifully clear skin and whiter than white teeth. She got thrown in the bin quite promptly.

The cheerleader from Heroes is used to promote it (in America) there is a video online of her rubbing the wave all over her fully made up face complete with mascara, looking like it’s the best thing that’s happened to here all day (click the title link to watch). Then the video cuts to a statistic to how the wave is clinically proven to be 50% more effective… finally cutting back to her in um…. Full make up, complete with mascara. So it can’t be that good if it can’t even make a dent in her foundation can it?

Before I even tried the wave, I was put off by the waste element involved. The hand unit comes with an initial 14 days worth of pads. Each pre loaded with face cleanser that is activated when you put it under water. So you have to commit to continuously purchasing and chucking these little pads away.

The actual process of washing your face is quite comical. Summed up nicely by my husband when he walked in on me one evening with “What on earth are you doing”. Exactly my thoughts… what on earth was I doing? I was rubbing what looked like the cross between a vibrating sex toy and a Borrower’s floor polisher all over my mush. That’s what I was doing.

It did get the muck off, but not from my eyes. My usual face wash takes it all off so I don’t have to mess about with taking off my eye makeup separately. There is some tingly hocus-pocus in the cleansing ingredients of the pads that gives you the impression your face is really clean and the vibration of the wave seems to promote blood flow to the surface of your face so right after you do have a bit of a glow.

Does it make you look younger though? Well after 2 weeks I can’t say I’ve noticed anything significant. My skin is pretty much exactly the same as it is when I use my regular face wash. Though a lovely girl I met at a Hen do yesterday said I didn’t look old enough to be married with a baby, which made me fall instantly in love with her and pretty much stalk her for the rest of the evening.