Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The End

I always maintained that I would continue this project so long as it had no health or financial impact on my family or myself. Up until now this has been the case. I’ve experimented with some great and some god awful outfits, my nails have finally grown, I’ve cut 5 inches off my hair and my weight has gone down, then up, then down, then up again. I’ve given away my wedding dress to a worthy cause, chased random people down the street and met some interesting people along the journey. It has by all accounts made the last 6 months of my life very interesting.

There have been days when I have felt like a million dollars, and days when I’ve felt like a twat. As far as looking after myself and fashion is concerned it gave me a well needed kick.. As far as dieting is concerned, it was confusing and as for exercise – I never really found that revelation I was looking for. That one activity I could stick to and love…. Though I did like the retro videos!

But a few months ago Marie Claire ran an article about fertility; it urged women to get checked out and various methods of increasing fertility. This opened a great big can of health worms when I went to get checked out. I’ve had rounds and rounds of blood tests to determine if I was ovulating or not, and suddenly when I was faced with the possibility I couldn’t have children (Something I stupidly always took for granted) my priorities took a massive shift.

It no longer really care if slink into my 30’s as the image of magazine perfection, what I care about is looking after myself and giving myself the best shot possible of having a baby. Unfortunately bright pink hooker lipsticks and colonics don’t really fall into this.

So Marie Claire has managed to be the reason why I’m ending my Marie Clair project. I absolutely love the irony of it – I don’t think it could have ended a better way actually, it’s the ultimate contradiction (And there have been many along the way).

What I have learned more than anything Is not to be afraid to experiment and that Kinesiologists are at large very strange people. But most importantly just look after yourself, mind body and spirit.

Thanks for reading xx Mrs T