Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Number 8 - Wear Tinted Moisturiser

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Have you recovered from the horror of the pictures above? Good. I know I shouldn't inflict my bed head on you without warning but I have to get you to come read the blog somehow.

I've been drinking my 2 (or nearly 2) litres of water now for a couple of weeks. This has been fairly uneventful apart from when I decided to wear a jump suit. For those who don't own a jump suit, getting in and out of it, especially when drunk is not too dissimilar from an escapologist trying to escape from a straight jacket. The more you need a wee, the more you panic and the harder it is to escape. Then when your flailing arms finally break free and drop it to your ankles, you find yourself more or less naked on the loo. This always feels completely wrong in a public toilet.

On the upside, my skin has completely cleared up. I don't have a single spot at the moment. This doesn't make me look younger - if I wanted to pass for 16 then a bit of acne would probably help. But I don't think I've knocked any years off the clock so far.

But what is that you see on my lip? Is that not some crustation due to not putting healthy stuff in my system? No dear reader, that, is where I managed to smack myself in the face with a picture frame. A picture frame I was holding so had full contol of. Why? Because by now you may have reached the deserving conclusion that I am a bit of an idiot.

Anyhow, back to the topic in hand. These are the before and after pics of applying Oil of Olay Total effects (apparently combatting the 7 signs of aging) touch of foundation moisturiser.

The savvy among you may notice that..... you can't tell which is the before and after pic. I still look pretty knackered in both photos. I don't think it helps that holding my camera phone at a slighty different angle manages to radically change the lighting in my bathroom.

The bottom picture is before the moisturise and the top is after. To give Oil of Olay some credit, in the flesh it does even out the skin tone and add some much needed warmth without looking like I've trowled it on. It's perfect for a busy morning when I'm trying to reduce the "I look like crapometer" from 10 to about a 6. But as far as combatting 7 signs of aging the jury is out, because as you can see I just look like I may have had an extra 15 minutes in bed.